1. Contact Verbier Language School to register.

2. A registration form will be sent to each candidate.

3. A confirmation of registration for the FIDE test will be sent automatically to each candidate immediately after registering.

4. An invoice for the FIDE test registration fee will be sent to the candidate’s e-mail address.

5. The registration fee for the fide test must be paid in full before the first date of the test. Candidates will need to provide proof of payment before the first test.

6. The candidate will be informed of the exact dates and times of the FIDE test no later than 2 weeks before the test date. It is not possible to book a specific day or time for the test.

7. All changes, cancellations and other requests must be made by email in order to be considered.

8. Cancellations must be made in writing to the Verbier Language School no later than the registration deadpne. Registration fees will be refunded with a deduction of CHF 80.00 for administrative costs for any cancellation before the registration deadpne.

9. No refund will be made for any cancellation made after this deadpne or if the candidate is absent on the day of the test.

10. In the event that Verbier Language School cancels the fide test due to exceptional circumstances, the full amount of the registration fee will be refunded.

11. If Verbier Language School does not receive full payment of the test fees by the date of your first test, Verbier Language School reserves the right not to accept candidates for the examination.

12. On the day of the exam, you must bring a vapd identity card or passport.

13. Please allow 4 weeks after the date of the written test to receive your results.